Getting started

I’m very new to CasparCG (but not to computers, programming, video, etc). I setup my server but was unaware it was running because all I had was the black “Screen Consumer” window showing. I haven’t figured how to get to the server configuration screen that is shown in many YouTube videos. I’m certain it’s an issue with what I did and did not configure in the configuration file. Is there a “bare bones” configureation file that I can use to get me setup and started on a Windows 10 machine?

I also installed the Client software and it connects to the server (that’s how I determined that the server was running - until I did that, there was no indication for over five hours yesterday. I can load files in the client, play video files, etc, but I’m connected to my BlackMagic ATEM Switcher via USB and Ethernet, but it seems the server does not recognize the switcher and therefore never sends the files to the switcher. I’m also certain that has to do with the configuration file.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I’m looking forward to replacing my very CRUDE graphics for scorebug and lower thirds with some really slick looking stuff this coming Friday for our high school football game. I’ve done more each week and now I want to blow them away with what we can do.

There is a missunderstanding here, as CasparCG does not send the files to the switcher over Ethernet or USB. Instead it plays them out. So the black window is the screen consumer (it should say that in the titlebar) that shows the output of the server. That is, what you get, with the standard casparcg.config file in your servers path. It’s an XML file and you can easy edit it using an editor like Notepad++. The server frontend is depeciated in the current versions and will (probably) return in a later build.

So to get the output of CasparCG to your ATEM Switcher you need a video card, preferable a Decklink Duo 2 or similar. Decklink and BlueFish cards are supported. For the config see this tread. After configuring it you connect the BNC’s to your ATEM and set it up as downstream keyer (DSK) there.

Oh, so it works like any other video input to my ATEM - not one of the media players like when I send a PhotoShop file to the media player.

Yeah, I use Notepad++ as one of my code editors unless I’m getting into serious markup - then I go to other code editors so I get all the little color helps to see when I miss something.

Now, I also understand why I wasn’t seeing the frontend. I am actually planning to use something like Simple ScoreBug from Nick Voll once I get all the stuff figured out.

Thanks for your response and I’ll probably make some progress tonight.

You want to use an SDI card to connect to the ATEM as mentioned above. If you have an ATEM with a USB 3.0 capture input, you don’t want to have it connected. The ATEM capture drivers and decklink desktop video drivers can conflict. It is probably possible to use both, but it will shift the input indices of all the decklink ports and mess up your configuration. Stick to the dedicated decklink ports.