Funky audio in CasparCG Server 2.2

Hey all,

Seem to be experiencing some really messed up audio in CasparCG 2.2… What’s interesting is that we had been running CasparCG 2.1 Beta for a while, but we don’t have per clip countdown timing in the client 2.08, so wanted to get everything up to 2.2. In my config the pitch of the audio ends up increasing while playing back at a faster rate than the video.

I have tried this using System Sound which is a Dante AVIO USB card as well as embedded sound via the Blackmagic Decklink card. If I go to version 2.1 it works, when I go to version 2.2 it fails.

Since I run 2160p2400 I thought maybe that was the issue. Set the system to 1080p2400 and no joy. Tried 1080p3000 and 1080p2997 and 1080p2398 all nojoy. The incoming clips are generally 1080p23.98

Any thoughts? Anything clever I can try? Any known bugs with audio at 23.98?

Try with the latest builds. There are many fixes including some to system audio.

PS: Great job on SpaceX webcasts! Huge fan.

Appreciate the kudos!

I was about to say that the latest build from late 2019 didn’t do anything… But saw a bunch of stuff in the ‘master’ directory including a new one from 2020/04/15… AND IT WORKS! Thank you so much for the suggestion! I have 4K playback with proper audio AND my TD can see clip timing again!!!

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Drop frame audio is not working well in CasparCG 2.2 in general I believe.

Glad to hear the 2.3 nightly builds have fixed this!