Fun CasparCG uses during COVID-19


Over the last month my friends have been doing quizzes over Zoom and I’m sure many other people have had a similar experience during lock-down.

I hosted a game of Countdown simply using NDI virtual input and NDI Scan Converter (or, see below its very cool) and this website with some still images in Casparc from the Countdown studio, as well as playing the VT of the countdown clock etc. apologies for really bad picture but I didn’t take any.

We have done some other things like this but its all the same method.

For routing audio so that: You can hear the people on zoom & your program out of CCG but not your own microphone, while including your own microphone on the feed to Zoom I use Voicemeeter potato and virtual audio cables. So I have a bus with the CCG NDI output (open in NDI studio monitor with the audio output to that bus) being combined with my microphone. So there are then two outputs (Zoom output + CCG output), (CCG output + Microphone). With them respectively going to my headphones and the Zoom input. is very cool, you can play the ?stream from within CCG (play 1-1 [html] for anyone new to Caspar) and very quickly have low latency WebRTC contribution of for example your smartphone camera, separate laptop webcam, or multiple individual chrome tabs which you can interact with and place on separate channels and layers in CCG. Performance for me capturing multiple individual chrome tabs is not optimal but the functionality can be still useful for super low effort game shows over zoom like I am doing.
You can use as well if you want to do other types of game shows.

It takes maybe 1 hour to prepare for one of these so if you are bored of normal Zoom quizzes then maybe give something like it a try.