Freelance short term

Hi everyone
A newb here so if I’m doing something wrong I apologize.

I am looking for a short term freelance to create a template for an election broadcast.

Any offers or - better still - personal recommendations on good creators would be highly appreciated!


Hi Jonathan,

what would that include? Do you have designs, that you want to be turned into templates, or do you look for a designer also?

Hi Didi
Actually would prefer both to be done together since there is not much time (broadcast is April 9th) and prefer not to have a lot of back and forth.


…than I am out, as I am the badest graphic designer around :slight_smile:

Let me explain better: I think this project is thin on graphics and heavier on programming: I envision a react-based ( or something similar) controller allowing the control room to create coalitions under various assumptions, and show these graphically, dynamically in the broadcast.
Interesting? I can get a designer to “fill in the gaps” if the programmer will be the “product” lead.

That sounded like a template and not a whole solution including a client etc. I did a lot of elections in the past years, but did the programming always in VB.NET and WinForms. So I have no experiance in React or the like and also not the time to learn it. What elections are we talking about?

There Israeli elections, 9/4. Israel is a direct multiparty national elections where the government is created by the party able to create the largest coalition… And we are looking to build a solution that could show simulations as the election day progresses… Can you contact me directly? First-name at bzdv dot net.