Freelance developers wanted!

We’re looking for several experienced freelance developers to work on our Sofie TV studio automation system on behalf of our global broadcast clients. Our current team was, in large part, built by finding people in this forum, so here’s your chance to work with us!

We’re a software company that has been building custom graphics and automation solutions for global broadcasters since 2015. We work remotely in an international team that is characterized by participation and cooperation. We can offer an environment based on respect, competence, honesty, communication, and participation. If you identify as a woman and/or are part of the LGBTQI community, we think you will find our team a safe and inclusive place to work. No matter your gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality, or sexual orientation, we work on the fundamental principle that a more diverse team will build better solutions.

Most of the software we write is published using open source licenses, and we believe in sharing our knowledge with the world. We hope you feel the same way!

Since most of us (well, at least many of us) also have a life that is not only about broadcast tech and code, but also about family and hobby projects, we believe in letting you adapt the work day to the rest of your life.

We work according to agile methodology and together ensure that our knowledge is updated and relevant. We do this by setting aside paid time to improve ourselves in new exciting technologies, build side projects, or just testing new frameworks and libraries. We make a point of sharing when find something cool (or useful, but especially if it is something cool) so that we can all develop as a group.

Teamwork is, as you may notice, important to us. Even though we all work remotely, we aim to gather the entire team once or twice a year, as long as pandemics (and invasions) don’t get in the way.

We offer a safe and non-hierarchical environment of like-minded geeks. Most of us are somewhat socially introverted, which is why we work on the principle; who you are doesn’t matter—what matters is what you do.


  • You would never call yourself a code ninja, rockstar, or 10x-developer, but you are a nice person who just wants to build tight and stylish systems.
  • You have multiple years experience working with TypeScript, NodeJS, React, and similar web technologies, as well as Git version management. Experience from broadcast or video technologies, as well as AWS, Meteor, and C++ is a bonus.
  • You are curious and self-motivated, eager to learn new things. You are independent and can work well on your own, as well as in a team.
  • You want to work remotely as a freelancer (at least 25 h per week). You can send invoices and be paid in Euro.
  • You have good English skills, both written and spoken, and you live in a European time zone.
  • A personal interest in broadcast technologies
  • You must be a geek at heart; show us your hobby projects whether it is a 3D printer or a tool you built to automate your garden!

Send me a PM or fill in the contact form.

Hey I’m interested if you are still looking.