Forum structure/categories

I’m really unsure how we can best categorise threads. My best suggestion at the moment is to go for a kind of categories that doesn’t sort by what kind of content/system/tech they talk about and more about what the threads are meant to do/solve.


  • Template
  • Video
  • Server
  • Client
  • Hardware

But instead:

  • Show and tell
  • FAQ
  • Help wanted/Question/Problem
  • …?

My reasoning is that it often is hard to distinguish what parts of the CasparCG eco system a post is most relevant to. Instead we can use categories to indicate what the intention of the post is.

What do you think?


Great idea. Especially show and tell. Better than a mega-thread.

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Is it possible to categorize by both? At least make hardware, client, server, and template subcategories to some of the stuff. I’m not sure what the video category would have been for though. If there was some sort of tagging system, then it could make finding relevant information easier.

Can you enable tags on the forum? That should be good for template. video, server etc.

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Yo @hreinnbeck, we have tags now :wink:


Let’s try to figure out if we can hide the categories, I find it a bit counter-productive to have both tags and categories.

I don’t think I agree. Categories is a good way of filtering for search and notification subscription. And the work well together.

If we could magically get all uncategorized posts to appear under “General” I’d be fine with that. It just bugs me to see the “Catergory” column be blank for many but not all posts in the lists. #OCD

I’ve reconfigured some stuff, adding a new “General” category (the old was some special-uncategorized thing), and I’m moving all uncategorized stuff to the new one now. It should look okay now I think

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Just getting back into the fora… I think the previous set of categories was just fine. Sure, there were some crossover topics, but if I’m trying to find info about how the server behaves, I really don’t want to see questions about the client. Likewise, “help wanted” could contain so many different directions, one might as well just use a single bucket for all postings. If nothing else, separate server operations/technical from things like templates/content; or make areas for more and less technical discussions.

I won’t start on tags… (or the message composition window).


I would wish we had specific Forum Topics
-Show/share your Templates
-Show/share your software
-Help caspar installation and Hardware

this could separate topics like Simple Video Playout or other programming / template relevated topics, and it would be a great help to newbies, to find a faster way to caspar, without asking always the same questions.


Issues · CasparCG/help · GitHub is your friend!

I’ve had to go diving around recently, and even with tags it’s a pain to find just the relevant topics. And I don’t like tags anyway.