Force OpenGL use Nvidia Card


i wanna know if is possible to configure OpenGL to use the nvidia card like a default graphic card with out using Nvidia Panel to forced., is any command that i have to use in the cfg ?


Did you try to force the discrete graphics from bios?

How Caspar , force to use Nvidia instead intel graphics , thats my question ?

You can do that from nvidia control panel, where you can configure for every app on your system to use only the discrete GPU. Also from bios you can disable the hybrid GPU, and enable only the discrete.

you can choose it in windows settings too

windows settings → System → Display → Graphics

then in “Custom options for app” add the application, CasparCG in your case
then select “options” and there you can choose your video card

or maybe you just need to set in power settings “best performance”, I also read to set the pc in game mode, but I don’t know what they exactly do

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