For the love of all - JustMacros license - Am I just too late for this gem?

I remember it well, the first weeks I was experimenting with CasparCG, and as an amateur programmer discovered JustMacros. Toghether with CasparCG I saw infinite possibilities
It was about to get a license, little did I know that in the next few days the licence-server around this gem of a piece of software would vanish from the earth, never to be seen again.
I would be able to tie the whole TV-studio together: Caspar, ATEM, sound, light…

If there was any way to pay for this piece of software I wouldn’t hesitate a moment. I cannot control my atem from the free version…
Is there anyone who can think of another way to get this working around the free version restrictions? Now that the creator has left the stage? Even if I promise to write love ballads for him if he ever shows up, and will bring my money to his door?

If anyone can help me get a license, I will put the creator of JM in my will.


Bitfocus Companion

This is the link

Thanks for your replies! It seems that camera control for atem (mainly the iris) is not controlable from companion, as in JM. Did I miss something or is it mainly for swithing channels?

I don’t know. But there is a module were you can control JustMacros from Companion…

As I’ve tested so far, Companion is compatible with triggering ATEM Macros, which might be the gateway to give you control over the camera’s iris.

Now, I did a quick search about macro controlled iris, and as far as I found the SDK allows to control the iris, and that should also be available over the ATEM Control Macros, but I couldn’t find the needed commands for that. I also could not test that as I have no BMD cameras to try a macro, but I guess you could try by checking this blog post from HereToRecord and trial and error creating a macro and editing the XML file. You could also take a look at these XML commands for another automations you might need.

That’s how I managed to get audio controls on my Companion instance. I hope this helps.

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There will definitely be a macro for that. There is a macro for pretty much everything, even changing the video format!

It is unlikely that companion will natively support any of the camera control functionality anytime soon, as none of the atem libraries have any support for it, so it’ll be quite a lot of work to implement.
Please to open a request on the github for the atem companion module, that way interest can be seen.

I guess this would be implemented as a separate module for camera control. There is an Arduino shield that supports the BMD camera remote protocoll.

It likely will be done in the same module (there is no reason for it to not be), its just a question of when it will be done.

Thanks guys, my faith is restored. I will look into Blackmagic Macro’s. We currently use them for automated switches, but I would never have guessed they can also control BM studio-camera’s. Let me study that.

My main interest at the moment, as didikunz mentioned, is the arduino shield. I might even make a hardware tinkering with podmeters to do the job of focus and iris for my camera’s.

I will also put out a request in the GitHub lead. I will update with a link. Even better would be to be able to use MIDI, with a cheap midi-knob hardware piece to control it all, so I will mention this as well. I’ll keep you posted.
Good to see this message-board is so alive. Keep on making great stuff!

There is a piece of hardware, that uses this shield. You can buy it or build it yourself as the design is open source, see here.