Fonts aren't working

Hi! I’m having some troubles with the fonts. Right now, we’re using the Oswald font family in our HTML templates. The thing is: they’re working perfectly in the PC where we develop the templates and in the web browser preview (Chrome), but when we export the server and the client to another PC, some families of the font stop working.

To give you an example, “Oswald” is working but “Oswald-Bold” is not. I have tried everything: they’re in the right folder, even installed in the PC, I restarted the client and server, the PC… But nothing works. It just can’t load them, but I can see them working with the same file through the browser.

This is really urgent so any help would be really apreciated. Thank you in advance.

Download the fonts and css:

Locally installed font names can be a minefield.

There is a font directory setting in the casparCG config setting, point that to the windows font directory

Note that the font directory only applies to PSD templates and the scene producer, and has no affect for HTML or Flash templates.

On a side note, I’ve looked into loading fonts from the fonts path in the config to use in CEF for HTML templates but support for such font loading has since been deprecated in CEF.

Did you check the font directory?, you will find it in the CG config. If you do not link these fonts with your windows fonts then I do not think your fonts will ever work. Try that.