Flags and CG update solutions


This is my scenario.
I got a number of lines with name+flag appearing when data is coming.
All good until the template needs to start to update (CG Update).
Since it checks all the lines and compare them with the new data, all the images (flags) are flickering.
The flags are fetched by a local folder.
Could solve the problem saving them in the caspar server memory?
If yes how should I do?
Looking forward for any kind of suggestions eheh thanks!


It will not help much to store the flags on the server I guess. What I do in this case is adding code to the template, that checks, if the filename has changed and only set it if that is the case. Then only the flags, that are different change. All others are untouched and therefore don‘t flicker.

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That make sense and it is actually quite logic! Thanks didikunz !

try to move the flags one pixel up or down to see if the problem remain I have something similar with text and solve that way.
and another question the flash template size its the same with the output ex. 1920x1080 plays out at 1920x1080

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Hi I will try to move them of a pixel and let u know.
Yes template is 1920x1080

As I understud his explaination it‘s not an interlace flicker that he see, but a flashing whenever the UILoader reloads the flag picture from disc. So moving one pixel does not help on this.

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yes that was what I meant didikunz

I would suggest to load previously the pictures and then show them, maybe add a delay of miliseconds.

You can do that, but be aware, that you need to wrap the UILoader into a MovieClip and set the MovieClips alpha to 0. If you don’t, the UILoader will start loading the file as soon as it is displayed (alpha > 0) and the whole effect is lost.

I know the solution has been marked but also for my own learning, why not use the flags on a second layer and that way the text layer isn’t touching the graphic layer at all.

I don’t understand what you mean.

A separate video layer or another layer inside the Flash template?

Another video layer in Caspar. Sets the flags to video layer 9 for example and the text on layer 10

You sure can do that, but I see not much use for that in the given scenario, were the flags come along other data to be displayed together in a list or something. You would need a lot of extra layers and a lot of MIXER FILL commands to put the flags were you want them.