Fit different video sizes

Hi, I’m starting with casparcg, I’ve been some days using casparcg with redcast and I’ve one problem; I’ve multiples media files with diferent video sizes.


Video1 1280x528
Video2 1920x804

This is my config file:


I expected that setting different parameters with the stretch option that Will solve my problem but It seems to work.

This is how caspar and vlc shows the same video

As you can see vlc uses the same aspect ratio to resize the video, I’ve tried all stretch option availables in casparcg and none of them shows vertical bars as in vlc. I’ve tried modifing the aspect-ratio option as well but without any good result.

Does anyone have any advice to make this posible?

Thanks in advance.

It all comes down to how much effort you want to put in to it.
if you set CasparCG videomode to 720p5994 it will play out everything as that. It will scale the file (video and image) without preserving aspect-ratio. It will also play out everything with the specified framerate so if everything isnt 5994 you will probably loose audiosync.
The one solution I can think of (and its not a good one) is that in the client for each videolip apply a transformation that you use to scale each video. Since transformation is applied on the layer not on the video, it would make sense to use one layer for a specific size and another layer for another size.

Thanks Markus!, as I’m using redcast I can’t add a transform directly, I’ll try your solution in the caspar client. I know I can set a software to watch a folder and transform the media automatically, but I thought It could be a better way to do it