Filter changing

Hello. How to change filter in layer? I’m tried to use CALL FILTER and it not working.

The filter properties for a clip can only be set as part of the LOADBG, LOAD, or PLAY commands.

CALL is only available on some CasparCG producers. The ffmpeg producer used in clip playout supports setting the clip in and out points, and the playhead position. For a producer in channel 1 layer 10 the in point for the clip can be set at frame 64 using CALL 1-10 IN 64 or the playhead moved to frame 221 by the command CALL 1-10 SEEK 221 . You can also move the playhead relative to the in, out and clip end times with commands like CALL 1-10 SEEK IN +10 and CALL 1-10 SEEK END -100

The Image Scroll producer also supports CALL to adjust the speed of roller or crawler movement.

What are you trying to do? Maybe there is another way to do it.

I’m trying to do a live ffmpeg filter change for my project. Tried CALL, it didn’t work (not implemented at all). Now I don’t know how to get around this.

That is what I have understood. I would wanted to know, what effect that should be, how it should look, etc. Sometimes an effect can be made in another way.

My goal is to set the aspect ratio for the video so that I can change it later. For 16:9 I use this command: play 1 video vf "scale=1280:720:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=1280:720:-1:-1:color=black". For 4:3: play 1 video vf "scale=720:576:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=720:576:-1:-1:color=black". I have no idea how to change filters.

So your software (or you) knows, what aspect ratio the given video has, right? Or you want to be able to change it, when you see, that it’s wrong.

Just play the video as is and use MIXER FILL commands to do the scaling. This can even be animated, if you want.

In my case, I rely only on CasparCG, filters help to optimize everything else.

I think you did not understand a word of what I try to tell you. The MIXER command, I mentioned, is indeed part of CasparCG, so you simply can use it instead of the filter stuff.

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