Fill Key hardware


I am working on a graphic project, for some small sport events. I have created html templates in casparcg, calling this templates from outside software.
All good till now, my screen consumer shows graphic as I wanted …
Next thing I would like is to output this as fill and key to tv production team. I do not know much on this production side. I have already been using this templates to output fill and key in the past, but hw was provided by tv team I just pass them the templates … Now I would like to have my own hw and just provide fill and key on each event to the tv teams …
Can you point me on some hw configurations and configuration of the cards …

Thanks in advance

There are a few BMD Decklink cards that can output fill and key. The cheapest one is the Duo 2. It has for BNC connectors and you can use it for a double fill and key (2 channels), but its limited to HD. If you need 4K use the 8K Pro.

For the configuration use the serach function (magnifier icon) on this site and serach for Duo 2 configuration there are many posts on the topic.


Thanks for the answer.
I will do search for card config.
Another question if I can add it here.
On some races tv wants hdmi output. Just fill on green background, Is caspar capable of doing this? Can I simple share my caspar screen on hdmi and change my html to have green or background?

You can use the same templates and only play a solid green layer underneath everything. You can either use the HDMI of your computer or (I would) use an SDI to HDMI converter and use the fill out of the Decklink.

Keep in mind, that grahics on green backgroud have some limitations.

  • You can‘t use green inside your graphics
  • you can‘t work with semitransparencies
  • you should use background objects with clear edges, where your text is placed on,

If you have the choice between key/fill an green background, use key/fill.

By the way: CasparCG supports NDI (including key/fill). So you can transfer your graphics with ethernet to systems, which can handle it (e.g. Tricaster, vMix). Sorry, I don‘t use NDI, but I‘m pretty sure, some people here does…