File extension behaviour between releases

We are currently using a mix of 2.0.7 & 2.1.0 and it would be nice to standardise our installations. We’ve produced an in house playout system which has been hardcoded to use the full file name plus the extension when playing out media clips and images, for example, test.mp4 or

This is what 2.0.7 expects but 2.1.0 requires the file name only. Does anyone know a fix or workaround to get 2.1.0 or above to accept a play command with file extension?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to update or change the playout software at this point.

Following format of commad works in every version of casparcg server.

Play 1-1 "D://_001_sd16_9_training/dolby_with_stereo.MXF"

Thank you! I’ve since found out that flavor of 2.1.0 we were using doesn’t like a file extension but all other versions do.

By the way: Leaving away the file extension was the preferred way to send play commands since the first versions I used (around 1.8 or so). From that perspective I do not understand why your software enforces it.

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Neither do I - those responsible are no longer with the company. In the long term, we will be redoing the code so will changing it.

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