FIBA LiveStats 7 TV Feed

Hello everyone,
Has anyone here used FIBA LiveStats TV Feed feature and use CasparCG to display real-time data from the statistician computer at an basketball game for example?

Gunnar Tr

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Not yet, but will probably implement this for Streamstar SCOREPLUS in the future.

They have this program here which is called TV Feed Client.

I’m not shure how i can pull the data from the program to a for example a file which updates on the fly if there is any update in the game done by the statistician to an CasparCG template fx. score bug etc.

It creates some kind of server, were you can connect and get the data as XML. There is a documentation on their website somewhere.

Hi, any result for FIBA and CASPAR Integration so far?

On my side not yet.

Not on my side either.
I found this TV Feed Documentation - Basketball

But i haven’t had time to figure it out.

I have tried pars JSON data from FIBA LIVE Stat
you need to activate TVFEED feature
than you can connect by TCPIP to FIBA LIVE STAT Software
you can contact the basketball statistician for doing this
here you can see what i have done

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That seems to work. Alas I don’t know enough about basketball to understand, what you are doing in the video.

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Do scoring & statistic with FIBA LIVESTAT, then grab it with myapps and sending it to CasparCG

:smile: That far I got it. What I was not able to see, is what data of the FIBA stats goes where in the graphic. That was just not clearly visible. But never mind.

Is it possible to get timer and clock from FIBA LiveStat?

There is 10 minute timer in fiba livestat
But in the game timer is in different device
It mean it use scoreboard, then don’t use timer from fibalivestat

I saw that you have an experience with FLS. I never worked with JSON and I not understand how to connect to Fiba Live Stat V7 ? Are you using a Fiba TV Client Form ? Should something to be paid to Genius Sports company for access ?

May be the statistics get the time from scoreboard system?

hi, yes we have this working :slight_smile: but its quit a challange!

Could you share more info, please?


What would you like to know ? We have build an NodeJS based interface to read the Fiba API cause this is an open-socket API (not the best i have ever seen :wink: ) and we control Casper trough the same NodeJS. the templates are HTML5 and a PHP webinterface controles what templates go on air and insert some extra information in to the templates. we also use OCR-Scoreboard to verify information we get …

What are you trying to accomplish ?

Is it possible to get game timer and shot clock from FIBA LiveStat? Or you use OCR for clocks?


Yes the game clock can be derived from the api. Unfortunatly the shot clock is not in the api feed. We use both OCR and API to get the data. The game click is not easy to uptain. reason is cause the clock is not a simple api command you receive. the actions contain clock data and the start and stopping of the clock is send as a instruction set containing the time it started and the time it started from (game clock) this cause it might have been adjusted. also you might recieve clock adjustment information over the api.

this is why we use both API and OCR.