Explicit casparcg-connection command options

Hi I’m using CCG server 2.3 with node + socket io to send commands from a leightweight webclient. I want to use the options within the commands. I succed while calling for the loop option, but that’s the only one. I failed to send commands with other options, like “CALL SEEK 3206” or “PLAY ‘thisFile’ SEEK 3206” cmds : how do I have to formulate those options in the script ? I tried some but no ones worked :
CasparCG.call(ccgChannel, ccgLayer, 3206);
CasparCG.call(ccgChannel, ccgLayer, seek: 3206);
CasparCG.call(ccgChannel, ccgLayer, seek?: 3206);
CasparCG.call(ccgChannel, ccgLayer, , , , , ,3206,);
CasparCG.call(ccgChannel, ccgLayer, , , , , ,seek: 3206);
Thanks for your help

hello, did you find solution ?
i’m trying to call loop with this method:
casparcg_connection.call(1,1, {loop:true});

thank you !

I bet there will be a function for that in casparcg-connection
but if one command does not exist you can always use this as your last resort

import { CasparCG, AMCP } from 'casparcg-connection';
const CCG = new CasparCG();
CCG.do(new AMCP.CustomCommand('YOUR RAW AMCP COMMAND\r\n'));