Excluding media from Scanner

Is there a way to exclude media from the scanner? Because we have over 2000 images in a sub folder from de media folder"

These are played out through a script. But other things we do we now have a huge list of media items coming back with the CLS. Even so much that because the folder starts with a it are the first items to be shown.

Already renamed the folder to /x_artistfoto/ but would be nice to have folders that start with x_ or exclude_ to be hidden in the CLS feed.

I know I’m necrobumping this thread, but now that I need this feature, I’d like to know if this feature is actually implemented in Scanner.

it shouldn’t be so hard to implement to the scanner, but I don’t think it is necessary, as you can just create a directory (e.g. media_unindexed) next to your media directory and then refer to it with ../media_unindexed/
I can’t test it on Windows right now, but it should be similar. Test on Linux worked as expected for me.

Actually I would really like a feature like that too. In my case a use a software to sync the template folder and he add a .Sync folder with the deleted or updated files, normally invisible, but a very long list in the official client.

sorry, but where should be referred this folder?

the workaround I mentioned isn’t helpful in your case if you can’t change the location of the .Sync folder. I assumed the case is like in the original post.

If my previous post is hard to understand, I’ll try to use an example:
Let’s say we have a file AMB.mp4 that we want to play with CasparCG server.
The file is in the media folder, which is /home/caspar/ccgs/media.
When we want to play this file, we send command like PLAY 1-1 AMB to the CasparCG server.

The original poster basically wanted to exclude a media folder’s subfolder, like /home/caspar/ccgs/media/subfolder, from indexing by the media-scanner. As far as I know this is not currently supported (but shouldn’t be very hard to add to media-scanner)

What I suggested was to create a subfolder next to the media folder instead of in it. Like /home/caspar/ccgs/unindexed_media. The media in this folder will not be indexed, since it is not in the media folder. You can still play it tho, because you can go one folder “up” by using “..”

Let’s say we moved our AMB.mp4 into the /home/caspar/ccgs/unindexed_media folder, now we can play it with PLAY 1-1 ../unindexed_media/AMB

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Thank you very much, I was thinking at something more complex. Nice to know, thanks