Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Well, not that much information on this years song contest…

All the broadcast graphics which will include the voting graphics are powered by an open-source, broadcast graphics system.
This can take HTML, JavaScript, and CSS feeds.

But due to the fact that SVT produced it, it’s pretty obvious that they mean CasparCG with this „open source broadcast graphics“. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the team! It looked great :+1:

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Yes Olle Soprani, the guy who invented CasparCG, was operating the graphics.

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Really congratulations for the excellent work.
I know that a OSC gateway has been created to allow caspar to interface with the LiveEdit automation system.
It would be nice to know what of the on-air was generated by caspar.


Hi and thank you on behalf of the graphics team.

I won’t share too many details but Caspar CG was indeed used for almost all on screen graphics from the HB. Although with a new client that allowed a more reliable connection to the automation system. It was a combination of pre-rendered assets and real time generated ones.


Thank you Axel for all the work you do for the Caspar community. I have scoured your github and found alot of interesting repositorys. Very impressive work throughout.