Eurovision Scoreboard

Hello, I have previously made a design like the Scoreboards made in Eurovision using Visual Basic-Powerpoint. However, this process takes a long time and does not look very nice as an animation. I found out that CasparCG is making the Scoreboard for Eurovision 2016. If possible, can I get a Scoreboard similar to this, or is there a place where I can learn to make one?

If you’re into programming, have a look at NodeCG, it makes it easy to create HTML-based graphics and control them in a custom interface.

If not, have a look at Loopic for creating the HTML-graphics. Using GDD, it is possible to send the data to them pretty easilly in SuperConductor.


…or try my Blueprint software, that allows to create templates out of After Effects animations.

AFAIK these ESC 2016 scoreboards have been made in Flash back then and most likely you will not get them, because of copyright restrictions.

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