Eurosong voting table example


Hi guys,

Does anybody have any sugestion how to make eurosong type scoreboard?


Pretty simple in HTML. Absolute positions on each rank, reorder and animate positions on new votes.


i still don’t use HTML for template, flash only. I wonder should everything be done on actionscript side of template, or should i create animation for all scenarios and just load relevant animation for sorting in that moment…


How I did ,
I have 10 contestants so I create 10 movieclip (text and png). I have a vb client with DataGrid that shorted with points every time I add new
So the first time I show the flash template each movieclip takes their y potition (each movie clip associated with ID from data grid) , after points update I have previous y potition and new y potition based on table short.
So I send to my template a string contains PlayerID,PreviousYpotition,NewYpotition,Points,PlayerName and update dynamic textbox and have the Y number for Tween each movieclip.
I hope to get an idea to creat your own