Error 404 playing flash template

Dear all,
i have some issue playing flash templates in server 2.3 LTS version. when i try to play it i get this error:

CG 1 ADD 10 vs 1
[2020-09-18 20:11:19.481] [info]    Received message from Console: CG 1 ADD 10 vs 1\r\n
[2020-09-18 20:11:19.481] [debug]   Executing command: CG ADD
[2020-09-18 20:11:19.482] [error]    Turn on log level debug for stacktrace.

same template plays ok in NRK version of server. It was created with Animate CC 2019

I think you must enable flash manually.
Flash is now EOL and it’s disabled by default as a warning of an eventual removal from the server.
Check this commit for more details.


that was it, :slight_smile: thank you