Enable NVENC H264 Encoding in Linux

Hi all

I have been working on getting Caspar going for this video distribution project I have been working on, and I was wondering: Could someone please explain to me how to replace the FFmpeg build used by Caspar on Linux, with one that can use the Nvidia hardware encoders for h264? Also, how on earth to build FFmpeg for that would be great as well!
I am using Ubuntu Server 18.04, with an RTX 2070 and intel xeon, if that is of any use to you?
However the final server will have a Quadro GPU of some form in it, the 2070 is my personal card I am using at home for testing, as it is what I have to hand while the world is in the state it is currently.
I have a medium level of skill with Linux, but modifying software like this is a bit beyond me.

I am looking to do this, as I will be exclusively using FFmpeg consumers to produce a number of multicast streams onto the network the server will be on, so offloading to the required GPU would be nice, as it will give it something to do, as well as allowing enough streams to be created from the server, as otherwise the CPU would be the limiting factor.

I do this, please call me on PVT.

PVT? I am not familiar with this software. Where can I get it?

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