Embedding preview screen in C# windows form

Hi guys.

Is there any way of embedding a preview screen as part of a windows form in C#?

I’ve been able to have a separate preview screen using the configurator on another channel. However what I’m asking is if there’s a way to implement it as a component in the windows form, instead of having to switch from window to window each time I need to check it.

There is a way to do that. There used to be a very old post by @vimlesh1975 that showed that. I have a working code (stollen from him) at home on my PC but will be abroad until next week.

But maybe @vimlesh1975 jumps in…

Old is gold. Ok hopefully @vimlesh1975 can jump in and solve this issue when possible. BTW there is no stealing, it’s called sharing on this community, thanks for the reply

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The topic with example code is here. https://casparcgforum.org/t/embed-video-screen-to-panel-c/3201/5


Sorry for bending the actual question but, you can add an NDI consumer instead and add a receiver view to your app that displays it, even across your local network (and also carry audio and alpha with it).
The NDI SDK includes easy to understand examples you can use.

@may4life an easy way that helped me get up and running fast with preview window in a windows forms app was NDI webcam that had preview channel of casparcg as source, and handle it as DirectShow Device with AForge.Video NuGet package. Hope it helps.

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