Dynamic clock

Hi there,
in the old forum, there were some posts about creating a dynamic template in flash or html which is displaying the current time as an analog or digital clock. Before I start reinventing the wheel again, could someone point me to an example or perhaps an already finished template? That would be great!
Thanks in advance

That seems to be something like a clock

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Yeah, that helps. However have never used flash templates and not used to Animate. When I try export a modified verion I always get errors like
**Error** Szene 1, Layer 'brewActions', Frame 1, Line 12, Column 1 1120: Access of undefined property originalWidth.
Could you (once again) help?

You need to fill in the informations like e-mail etc. into the TemplateGenerator, then it should work.

I did. And it’s even recognising the data it’s complaining about in the output console:
+Writing template data: originalWidth=1920 originalHeight=1080 originalFramerate=50 stopOnFirstFrame=false


Aha, sometimes the error comes from objects or variable name conflicts. For instance if you have a MovieClip that has „Bug“ as instance name and the whole template is also called „Bug“.

here are two examples, one for a digital clock in flash and one analog clock in html:
there is also a speech timer for caspar in the folder.



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oh, thanks a lot!