Dual Audio Output


I am moving from a rackmount pc to a thunderbolt playback device and the only issue I can see is I need a way to play back the audio on the SDI feed to the mixer and externally to a house feed. Is there any issues doing this with caspar? Before I would use a decklink card to output to the xlrs and the sdi but it was all done in card.


blackmagic mini converter sdi to audio (4k)


There’s basically two solutions:
If you don’t care about sync and can live without the internal sound card of the pc, casparcg can use that sound card to output to and you can route that to the house feed.

If either sync is important (probably, since you’re routing to a house feed) or you cannot do without the sound card then you need to deembed the sound from the SDI signal. Cheapest solution I have found is blackmagic SDI to HDMI converter (mini, not the micro), you don’t need to hook up the HDMI just pass through the SDI signal and it will put audio on the 2x balanced analog outputs.