Does Casper do NDI in and out?

Someone told me ( and they could be completely wrong) that CasperCG can be used to input NDI and output it in SDI using a Blackmagic card?? Is this true and if yes how difficult is it.

Many thanks


Since version 2.3.0 Caspar has a NDI consumer. So somehow it is possible to play a NDI source on a layer. But alas I don’t know the command to use.

It’s quite simple!

Change to your COMPUTER and SOURCE parameters as they appear in Studio Monitor.

You can use transitions and other parameters with PLAY, LOAD and LOADBG

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That sounds great.

If I had a computer fast enough and installed with a 8 channel SDI card, would it convert 8 channels of NDI to SDI at the same time? Would is be simply bringing in 8 NDI inputs and then assigning them to the the SDI card outputs? I’m looking at this as an alternative to Birddog converters or Sienna multi software + it means my clients can also use CasperCG for the normal stuff too if needed.

In theory yes. But a system capable of doing this is quickly as expensive as a bunch of BirdDogs.

I completely agree, my only thinking is I would have a system that’s capable of doing other things if needed. At the moment I’m the UK the Birddog Quad isn’t yet available

Since you can open multiple instances of OBS I think OBS is a more user friendly solution.
Reason: it shows the names of the NDI-streams. In CasparCG you have to find them in a different program (NDI Studio Monitor/ Analysis or simular).
Personally I think Sienna Multi is worth it price.

It’s very easy to make a simple UI for finding NDI devices and showing them on Caspar.
A couple of server instances should handle them without problems.

No, AFAIK it always passes through the GPU at least once unfortunately

That would be great.
A client called NDI IN/OUT
The only thing you could do is add NDI to SDI channel and vice versa.
Could be as simple as 2 colums of dropdowns , column 1 IN - column 2 Out.
In the config you just decide if decklinks are channels or can be Inputs.
In column 1 there is avalible NDI streams & Decklink devices
In column 2 there is avaible channels (SDI & NDI)

by the way if anyone missed olzzon has made a NDI to SDI encoder

That’s what I thought.
You can also have a low bandwidth preview in the client for checking availability and showing a no-signal card.

OBS is worth looking at then, it’s nice and simple. I’m currently testing Sienna, either way I’d obviously need a fairly powerful computer.