Does CasparCG work on EC2 instance g4dn type. With hardware acceleration on ffmpeg consumer

Any recent working copy of EC2 instance on g4dn type uses T4 Tesla. With Ubuntu 22.04. I updated the ffmpeg consumer args to use nvenc . The server throws an error with operation not permitted. Anybody tried similiar approach. Any known cloud solutions known to be working with GPU utilization?

AFAIK there are people running Caspar on the Amazon Cloud. There are instances with GPU access.

Tried to run Caspar on g4 instance I could see Caspar in the GPU process with one percent untilization , while there is also a process from Caspar cg utilizting 300 percent of CPU. Not really sure why there is CPU spike while the GPU process shows 1percent utilization. Any pointers would help.

I am using ffmpeg consumer with hardware acceleration arguments. Not really sure if it’s picking up nvec h264 encoding. If the inbuilt ffmpeg that comes with Caspar is the culprit.

Appreciate any help.
Thank you.