Does any Baseball/Softball client exist?

Hi, I would like to ask if there is any reliable client for baseball or softball score.

Thank you

I have one for basketball. What is the difference to softball?

Hi, I just set up a server that works perfectly. I’m looking for a sports client for Polo, I don’t know if they can help me. Thank you very much.

There is a polo client from Streamstar called SCOREPLUS Polo see here

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Thanks, the client looks good but I can’t make the demo work, I don’t know if you know another one, since I work with caspar I have only used navismedia and everything is perfect, but with this client I can’t make it work. Thank you

I do not know another one, it’s the only one I built. :slight_smile: The problem would probably be, that after the installation it configures Caspar to output via NDI. You would need to change the config for your Decklink card. That is not possible from the software only by editing the Caspar config file.

I only use sdi with fill and key, is it possible that this is set to default for NDI? I use front end to configure the outputs, it is the easiest for me, it may not work with this client. on the other hand the player window does not always appear. There seems to be a conflict between my version of caspar and the one launched by Scoreplus 2.0.7 Thanks again.

Yes, it installs it’s own server. Under C:\ProgramData\Streamstar\ScorePlus you find a file called Settings.xml open it in a editor and change the line <CasparExePath> to point to your normal CasparCG server’s EXE file.

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Thanks, it has improved a lot, the problem is that it is a client for ndi and I was looking for one to get SDI fill and key for my decklink duo. I don’t know if you know a client that could help me with a basic polo match.

If you read my last answers again, you see, that I already gave you the answer to your last question. What is your native language?

To summarize:

  • No, Polo is not a sport like football, that exist a multitude of clients. So you would need to use this one or write your own.
  • Yes, it is configured for NDI, and yes, you can change that the way I told you.
  • Streamstar sells it as an addition to their OB-Van in a box solution and they only wanted it for NDI, but because it is a standard CasparCG running underneath it you can use it for any supported SDI card.

Sorry I didn’t understand your answer, my English is very bad and I don’t think I saw that. I have been talking to the support and they have told me that they can not solve the sdi. maybe you can. but my limitations are many. I was just looking for a solution for this but it is getting complicated. thanks.

What is your native language?

Sorry, spanish.

I see. I should still learn Spanish but did not find the time for it. :frowning:

But anyway: When do you think you need that Polo client and do you have the budget to buy it? I could probably connect to your computer via TeamViewer, but currently I am quite busy and so I will not do that, if you are not really interested.

:grinning: jajaja dont worries. thank you very much. At the moment I am going to use an adapted client because we have the match this Sunday, if we see that we have more events I will be able to contact you to manage the purchase. The truth is that the scoreplus was very complete, a shame not knowing how to adapt it to my decklink. Thank you for your attention.