DirectShow Input with alpha

We managed to get NDI input via DirectShow but is missing alpha.
Is there a way to make DirectShow with alpha on CasparCG like videos with alpha?


Try a nightly build with native NDI support:

Hi hreinnbeck,

Sorry about the delay.
I was trying with the last build and no alpha… Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I’m using NDI input as directshow input and on caspar server I’m using the command
PLAY 1-10 “dshow://video=NewTek NDI Video”

Seeing on the NDI monitor it have a alpha channel, but when put a image on layer 1 behind de dshow I can not see any part of the image because do not have transparency.

Is there another way that I can pass the NDI as an Input?


PLAY 1-10 ndi://DEVICE-NAME/Source+Name

More info:

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Hi hreinnbeck,

Working great! Awesome Work!


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Hi Gaspar
You can also send audio through NDI with direct show?

Hi, Scarza.

I’m using the solution from hreinnbeck. Using NDI, you can send audio also.
We send graphics from one machine to another through NDI, so it’s the same graphics on the 2 machines. on the second machine that receives NDI you can use other graphics in front of NDI.
You do not need to use the direct show in this situation…

Hi - So the command if my NDI name is TALKSHOW - ch 1, will be: PLAY 1-10 ndi://TALKSHOW/ch1
best regards

Hi, it shoud be PLAY 1-10 ndi://TALKSHOW/1/
1 if you did’t rename it on casparcg config, by default it will be 1,2… for the name of the channels.
if the channel name is ch1 shoud be PLAY 1-10 ndi://TALKSHOW/ch1/