Different audio outputs for different channels

I want to create a 2 channel server when each channel play on different screen, I know how to do that but i also want to get a different audio outputs for each channel.
Can i use multi output soundcard? maybe two soundcards?

Use a Decklink card, like the Duo 2 (or two Mini Monitor). The audio is embedded in the video and will go to the screens individually. AFAIK two sound cards are not supported.

how about seperate hdmi outputs? can i get the audio embedded into hdmi?

Yes, that‘s why I mentioned the mini moniror cards. They give you am SDI and a HDMI output with embedded audio.

thanks but this is not a solution for me.
I’m working with laptop and two graphic cards outputs, cant i send the video into a specific soundcard or hdmi output?
anyway to use two channels without having external hardware?

As I said: It’s not possible with the screen consumer and system audio. If your laptop has Thunderbolt you could use one of these there is no way to send the system audio to another card.

You could use only two iVGA consumers (with NDI support), one for each channel and use two NDI Studio Monitor instances, full-screen on each HDMI output and assign the output device of each instance to the corresponding HDMI audio output device