Developer needed for 607/608 closed caption passthrough on CasparCG

We are a large media company based in Toronto-Canada. We have a project using CasparCG with Blackmagic Decklink cards. The SDI signal feeding the casparCG server has 607/608 CC embedded but are removed before the signal exits the server. Currently, we have to re-embed the closed caption data downstream of the casparCG server. We are looking for a developer to allow casparCG to pass 607/608 closed captions. Please msg to discuss details and compensation.

For curiosity I just googled around a bit and found, that the Decklink 4K Extreme should pass trough CC data, when in internal keying mode. I am not able to verify this, as I live in Switzerland and we do not use CC, so no source material around. But probably that would be worth a try.

We hired a casparCG developer to custom some code for us and they could not fix the issue. It would be nice if this is resolved with a simple fix, but I’m not confident it will. I’m going to check the config on our test server to be sure. Thank you for the info.

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