Delaying a layer or channel

Dear friends, do you know if i can delay a channel or a layer (using an amcp command) . I don’t remember, but may be a server fork, or a server version that this feat was implemented. I have to match two sources. One from a BM intensity, and the other from NDi. I am using the Ianshade v58 fork. Thank you.

I guess this is the delay command I was searching for.
" PLAY 2-10 route://2-2 FRAMES_DELAY 10\r\n "
Do you know where is the info about this option (frames_delay)

It seems there’s no info about FRAMES_DELAY in the Wiki, yet it’s specified in the 2.1.0 changelog that delay parameters for system-audio consumer and route-producer were added.

I was trying to get something from the code, but I can’t seem to find anything that references that change.

I think the FRAMES_DELAY was removed in 2.2 which would be why its not in the wiki. It looks like 2.2 has a similar BUFFER parameter instead.

Hi do you have any example of amcp command to achieve which @macbab need?

I have the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

Has anyone found information on the BUFFER command?

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