Delay displaying web page using PLAY 1-10 [HTML] (url)

Hi all,

I’m experieince a 20 second delay when loading a web page or image with the PLAY HTML command. The web page is very basic it just has an image on it and the other url is of an image which is 271kb in size. I have opened the url using Chrome on the same pc as the server and it opens within half a second.

Not sure what would be causing the delay. I’m running it on CasparCG server 2.0.7e9fc25a. Due to some bespoke software i’m not able to upgrade to the lastest version.

Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

I seem to remember some antivirus software or something similar that would cause that back in the day.

Thanks hreinnbeck that was the issue! Disabling the antivirus has reduced the load time down to around 2 seconds

Just for curiosity: What antivirus software do you use?

We’re using Sophos antivirus software

I have Kaspersky on all my machines and never had any feel able performance penalty…

Ah ok thanks for letting me know!

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