Decklink Studio 4k Key/Fill

I would like to configure the decklink studio 4k with key and fill to use it with the atem dsk, how can I do?

Edit your casparcg.config along these lines:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

i tried the configuration but I can’t see alpha channel.
I tried plug all cables of my decklink studio 4k and I see only fill
I tried to change setting “false” to “true” and I tried a mov file with alpha channel. I tried straight alpha mov and premultiplied alpha mov file

Can you suggest me?

Aha, it’s a Studio 4K. As you can see from the tech specs of your card, it has only an single in- and output. So you will not be able to get a fill and a key out of this card.

do you know if decklink quad (1st version) can works? Or can we use more decklink cards together?

The Decklink Quad does not have a hardware keyer and so it can be used, but key and fill will not always be in sync. That is the same problem with using multiple single channel cards. The best would be to use a Duo 2. It is cheaper than the Studio 4K and offers you two (!) channels of fill und key with hardware keyers on both.

Ok thanks, now I’m testing 2 Decklink Studio 4k … With fast transitions in alpha channel they remain in sync :relieved: