Decklink SP BMD PCB-3, server 2.0.02b and earlier

I need help, that’s why I am turning to you. I have a DeckLink SP BMD PCB-3 card. It only works on driver version While browsing the forum, I read that my card will be visible in Casparcg server version and earlier. Do any of you have this version ready for download? There are only source codes at this link
Thanks for the help. Sorry for the mistakes but my english is not very good.

I looked at my old machine: The oldest I have around is 2.0.7 and that does not help much. Not very likely, that somebody has it around. So I guess you should consider buying a new card.

You could try 2.0 and 1.8 from here

…the internet does not forget… :grin:

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Thanks so much! but… Maybe have you a client for 1.8 or 2.0?