Decklink Quad 2 to 6G SDI

Is is possible to combine multiple Outs of the Decklink Quad 2 to 6G or 12G SDI as Single Links for Multiplexing?
Any chance to do this or does it need an 6G/12G Decklink card?

well in theory you could with 5 channels some channel routes. and a external convertor that can
multiplex quad’s to 6G / 12G.

But honoustly that would be a very messy setup. with a lot off point’s of faillure.
not to mention that most “cheap” gearboxing convertors only convert 2SI to 12G or 6G not quadrands.
i guess the BM teranex mini can do this though.

I do not reccomend to go this route.


Alright! Then I will get an 4K Card for my project.
Thanks for that!