Decklink producer gives black after some time

Dear sirs, anyone could advice, please? I am experiencing problem with decklink producer. After few days of playout the output either turns black/silence or audio is very much distorted. DIAG shows following, othervise there is no other indication of current problem (in log):

card: decklink duo II (various driver versions), genlocked
usage: 2 SDI inputs (producers - ports 2 and 4), 2 outputs (consumers ports 1 and 3)
sw ver: 2.0.7 or 2.0.6 (TVP fork)
format: NTSC SD

Other playout from the CasparCG is not influenced. I can play clips or graphics on the upper layer and it works smoothly.

So far I could rule out malfunction of particular SDI card, because it happens with several Decklink Duo II cards.

Reinicialisation of the layer (send EMPTY and then PLAY DECKLINK) helps to temporary fix the situation. Thus it is sure that input signal is not problematic at the moment.

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So i had a problem similar to this. some time ago.
it took us a long time to find the route of the issue.

Adobe changed support for some older file formats.
they ended support for 32bit quicktime and now the video files we were supplied were 64bit.
we did not know. the files would play fine then a few days in and a Chanel or layer would lock up.
we spent months tracking this down.

the clue was in my log file we found a warring that said something about deadlock.
check for that warring.
this might be wild goose chase but it sounds similar to our problem.

I dont know what could be causing this, but have you tried different decklink drivers? I wouldnt be surprised if that was the cause

Hello John, no indicated deadlock in the log.

Hi Julian, yes, I tried several drivers (and firmwares).

Resolved in firmware version 10.11.2