Decklink Duo 2 - Internal Keyer

Has anybody figured out how to set a Duo 2 to internal keying? Is that possible? The config section is like this:


I stetted all cards to their single BNC connectors. In the log it says “Failed to enable internal keyer.”

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I’m pretty certain you need to set the card to double connectors for an internal keyer to work: 1 in, 1 out.

That sounds good, but I did not found a setting to set the BNC to be an input. That seems to work automatically. By the way tried with 2.0.7

Indeed, you just set device 1 to use connector 1 + 2 and one of these automatically becomes the input, the other the output. I don’t know which one does what but you don’t have a setting for it.

Aha, that could be the way to do it. Will try and post back…

Yes, thanks Balte, that does it. The cards BNC becomes, from bottom up

  1. Reference (does not change)
  2. Input for channel 1
  3. Output for channel 1
  4. Input for channel 2
  5. Output for channel 2

If you normally use external keying you don’t need to change anything in the Decklink control panel, only set “internal” in the config.


That’s excellent! Does it work with the Quad 2 the same way?

I have no Quad 2 here to test,but would expect it to be the same.