Decklink audio output stops working

On multiple setups and locations I’m experiencing the same issue; audio stops working when the system is running for a longer time, with a lot of idle time between playouts.

Yesterday I spoke to another broadcaster and he told me the exact same thing. So I’m hoping there might be more people who are trying to run Caspar 24/7 and experienced the same with Decklink cards.

All help is appreciated!

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I experienced this on Some motherboard when reference signal breaks. And when reference signal connects again audio doesn’t resume automatically.
Logs shows this reference make-break even when reference cable and signal is good. Same decklink card works good with another pc with same reference cable and signal.

So I think it was a PC problem.

I’m experiencing the same issue lately, using a ZBook Studio G4 with an Ultrastudio HD Mini with embedded audio output. Last time I created a workaround by playing a looping video file on a different layer with opacity and volume set to 0, but that takes some system resources. Anyone knows how to fix this issue more permanently?

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