Decklink 8K Pro Reference / Genlock Problems

Hey @all,
we’re currently building a new flightcase unit which should be all 12G-SDI capable. While testing i found out, that our Decklink 8K Pro Card ignores the Tri-Level Sync Signal from our Rosendahl sync generator, if it’s not in the format the card is outputting.

E.g. Sync is set to 1080i/50 and the caspar is set to “1080i5000” the output is in sync. But if the caspar produces “1080p5000” the Decklink card ignores the sync signal. It says “Ref Input: 1080i50” but not locked and the output is not in sync. Since our mixer a Carbonite Ultra only accepts Tri-Level Sync Signals with 1080i50 identification i have no chance to sync my decklink card in other production formats than 1080i50.

What i’m wondering about is, that there isn’t any identification in Tri-Level Sync for 2160p50. So i think there is no chance to sync in 4K, and no chance in 3G with the Carbonite at this point.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem, or better found a solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

Just digging in the dark: Have you tried to switch the card, via Decklink control panel app, to 1080p50? Maybe the reference only uses this setting. As said: “Nur eine Idee” :slight_smile:

Yeah i tried that. Doesn’t change anything since casparcg overwrites these settings. Like i said the Decklink Card seems to only syncs it’s output if the reference signal is in the same format. Which at least doesn’t make sense with 12G-SDI. I don’t know any Tri-Level Sync with 2160p/50 or 60 identification…

Next idea: Try setting the Rosendahl (nanosyncs?) to output a black burst on the corresponding output. Usually compatibility with black burst sync is better than with tri-level-sync.


Hey @didikunz thank you very much! Apparently that was the solution. Haven’t thought about using “old” BlackBurst but now the card has locked the output and it seems to be in sync.

Nice to see DMPW is building an Caspar Server :slight_smile:

We’re using Caspar for like 5 years already. It’s the easiest way to play out Key/Fill.

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