Decklink 8k pro, is it going to work with my build?Pci lanes


Im a editer/ live stream producer, I know computers quite well but have never built one before. My plan was to build a live streaming/editing rig with multiple capture cards/network cards. I used a well compiled guide I found on reddit to create a video editing rig. I saw amount of pcie slots on the motherboard & thought I could just add in pcie captures cards as I please…however I now realise this may not be possible due to PCIE lanes.

I have purchased all the parts: i9 12900k, 3070 RTX, z690 Gaming x DDR4 Motherboard, 64gb DDR4 ram, 1 ssd, 2x m.2 ssd & a Decklink 8k Capture card.

I have purchased an 8k Decklink pro with the intention of doing 1080p streaming with the occasional 4k source scaled up. When I will be live streaming I will not be using the m2’s ssd or if I do they will only be recording a feed or two.

Will the 8k capture card bottleneck in this setup capturing saying 4x4k 25p cameras? Would I be better off getting a quad 2 would that run better?

I have heard I could run my graphics card in 8x but not really what that means. I understand that running stuff all together could cause a bottleneck but I am willing to move stuff around between say a “live setup” & an “edit” setup to make sure things work smoothly for each application.

Thanks any help can be appreciated.

Hello there,
As far as I know, Decklink 8K Pro is electrically x8 pcie gen 3 card and unfortunately your motherboard has two x4 pcie slots besides the x16 slot for the gpu. Not sure but it’s very possible that 8K Pro wont work on your motherboard (2 x PCI Express x16 slots, running at x4 (PCIEX4_1, PCIEX4_2)). The only way I see that combo working somehow is using CPU for graphics and putting 8K Pro in the first slot but I would not recommend using integrated gpu for caspar cg, especially for multiple 4K streams.
Hope this helps…


I can confirm that 8K Pro has 8 lanes PCIe and works fine on a 4 lanes slot inside a thunderbolt case. Well, at least 2ch f+k at 1080@50i works flawlessly. Could work maybe with 4k but haven’t tested yet.

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For that you can use the cheaper Duo 2, that only needs 4 PCIe lanes. On BMD’s homepage, under tech specs, the number of PCIe lanes the card needs, to run up to it’s full potential, is listed. So it’s better to check that before buying a motherboard.

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The Duo 2 is also more flexible, since the Pro 8k cannot have 1ch f+k and the other two independent. Either 2ch f+k or 4ch independent.

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