Decklink 4K Extreme with internal keyer - audio problems


We’re facing some remarkable audio problems when activating internal in the CCG config with the decklink 4K Extreme 12G card.
It often starts with the audio sounds distorted and then after a bit it totally disappears.

I’ve tested with BMD decklink driver 10.11 and up till 12.2.2, we recently changed BB to Tri-level since, that’s recommended from BMD.

Tested in 720p50 and 1080i50
The signal into the card is running through a synchronizer, if not the problem is easy to reproduce by routing different inputs into the machine and playing media on top of that.

When the problem occurs, and the signal into Caspar is with audio, the audio also sounds distorted in BMD express.

Our workflow, we use the internal keyer to route a signal into the Caspar and let that pass through, with audio. When transmission is done we route black into the CCG and then plays media on top of that and so on.

Sometimes a restart of CCG works, sometimes we have to restart the machine.

Any one facing the same problem? - It might also happen when not using internal keyer.