Deck link input issue

So i am trying something out.
i have a server with two DeckLink Quad 2

i have it set up with 4 channels of play back all 1080i59.94 out the first card.
i need to do a squeeze on play back channels 1 and 2. how ever it was not the same set up on each channel.
so i used one of the second cards inputs as and sent it to channel 3 this worked as to be expected i did need to turn on the deinterlacing.
i then used a reroute to send channel 3 to both Chanel 1 and 2.
every thing looked good on out put 1 and 2.
then i used a transform on the live input on 1 and 2.
after the transform i could see the interlacing bad.

to fix this i add a second live in put and routed both to there respective inputs.
why did the reroute create problems for me. it would have been a better way to do what i needed.

so i am a long time user of CasparCG.
how ever this is my first time using black magic cards for input.

i am having more issues
after my first fix.
(decklink input on one card to a PIP on an output on a second card x2)
i have what can best be described a small amounts of jitter.
i think it is loosing frames.
and have no idea why?
every thing is the same frame rate in and out.
there is an html template playing on each output and a transom.
there is not video flies playing back.
could it be band width between the two card slots?

all so i do not fully under stand how to read the DIAG graph that the server spits out.
is there some place that talks about that? i think i under stand it
that might be a conversation for a different thread.
but is ther a way to expand the rows, on a server with 4 outputs it is all most impossible to read.

So i have tried a few things
first on server ver 2.1
the live video input looked smother.
how ever it was interlaced again.

i have switched the video in to the same card and had the same issue as above. with jitter in the video.
i have tried to add pipline tokens that had no effect.
i have increased the buffer. still the same problem

i think it has something to do with interlacing i feal like it may be the wrong field first. and it is way more noticeable on the transformed live input.

dHave you ever tried what happens, when you use the same card for in and out? So that it does not have to go from one card to the other?

Have you checked, that your PC has enough PCIe lanes to fully supports both cards? As the Quad 2 needs 8 lanes each and the GPU needs another 16 of them, so you would need 32.

so i have tried them on the same card.
if i have the inputs on the same card do i still need x32.

as far as PCIe
3 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8 or x8/x4/x4)
1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (max at x4 mode)
2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1
so if i need x32 that looks like this is the problem

i assume there is no work around here for a temporary fix.

That could be the problem. No, there is no easy fix for that

ok thanks for the help.

as i think through this
ii have 3 x16 slots.
my video card sets in one.
and i have 2 decklik quad 2s in the other 2 slots.
but i need to have x32 slots to handel this set up?

and pulling out one card and only using one does not change the total lanes i need?

PCIe lanes are not slots. These are data lines that connect the CPU with the card. You need one slot with 16 lanes for the GPU and 2 slot with 8 lanes each. So you need 32 lanes. Your motherboard only has 22 lanes, if I count correctly.

These 3x 16x slots are 3 slots, that can MECHANICAL take a 16x card. If you fill all 3 you get 8x/4x/4x. Then you have one with 4x and two with only 1x.

So what you could run in this machine is a GPU and a Decklink Duo 2. The GPU goes in one of the 3 mechanical 16x and the Duo 2 in the 4x slot, as it only needs 4 lanes.

yes i did some more reading.
and i have a better understanding now.

the reason i have never run in to this before is that i only use this for play back and all most never use transforms?

this computer got the wrong cards ordered. and i have not had any issues playing back.

have you had any experience with the AMD ryzen? that chip has enough lanes.
i can test this to night. i will switch to a server with a duo 2.

thank you for helping me understand this.