Debug/Message window behavior

A suggestion as a result of my “getting started” today.
FIrst of all, I have high hopes for using this, and thanks in
advance for putting forward this system.
So a few small things…
Is it necessary or particularly useful to open new message output windows with each server launch? I can understand leaving it open after closing, but might be cleaner if the next launch reused the window if it is open.
If it reused the same window, we could part the message window
somewhere out of the way. As it is the new window pops up right there front and center. Kind of annoying.
One more thing, why is the close button greyed out?
Again, small things, that I’m sure experienced users are not even
bothered by anymore especially if the important things work
as well as I anticipate they will.

I think what you call a message window is actually the CasparCG server programm. It is expected behaviour, that it gets open when the server runs and when you close it, the server stops working. And yes, it is normal, that the close button is grayed out. There sure is a reason for that, but I don’t know.

It didn’t get less annoying with time for me.
Take a look at these:

I wonder if it is possible to have coordinate and dimensions also for the console window, would be very useful, at least in my case.

But is it useful or necessary for sequential shut down/startups to open new windows every time? I don’t think necessarily so. But it could be difficult to corellate an old console output window with a new instance of the server. It would be nice.
Or as Andrea has said, to control where the console window opens could mitigate this. Though one still has to go chasing after orphaned old windows to shut them down eventually.
Perhaps this is only occuring to me because I’m testing and starting up and shutting down a lot. I can understand in normal use you start up the server and let it run hopefully for a LONG time.

That is simply how a Windows Console App works. It has it’s own window, that opens and closes with it. I think you are the first complaining about this :laughing:

that opens and closes with it.
That’s the point- it does not close with it. It stays open.
And the next launch opens a new window.
Do I have to record a session to demonstrate?

You are confusing the screen consumer with the actual CCG server. The screen consumer is just one of multiple possible outputs from CCG. Most of us use CCG with decklink cards and no other consumers, so all we have is the CCG server console window running.

It is intentional that the console window stays open.
The inconvenience of the window staying open is minimal compared to the crash log for an error that you need to look into disappearing because the program crashed and so the window closed.

I suggest you use one of launcher options above (I use the nrkno one personally), as they will hide the console window and give you a fancier and more controlled window instead

I’m not going to be using this for the forseeable future, but if I do I will try the launcher options, sounds useful. But I think this doesn’t speak to the fact that the console msg windows stay around. Again this was only a pain while testing, when I was launching an closing the server a lot of times in a row.