Dante audio out from server

Is the proper workflow for using Dante as audio out of CasparCGserver to
a) assign Dante Virtual Soundcard as default soundcard of windows and then use system audio
b) use Dante Via
Sorry Im asking before I have tested just to get this workflow written down

br markus

After short test I can confirm that at least solution a) does work

br markus

I haven´t tried it, but you could consider NDI out of CasparCG.
There´s a couple of great NDI de-/embedder solutions. But that depends on whether you have worked with NDI

I´m using SDI Out and after that an Audio Deembedder. Then Analog or AES/EBU can be used to have Dante. Otherwise I could imagine that there could be delay between the Image and Audio

The problem with NDI out is that you have to have the De-embedder if you want roundtrip the audio through a audio mixer (which the soundengineer usually wants). I think I just need to check what the delay will be with CasparCG/DVS. I will probably have time to test this next week.
The testcases will be following:

  1. Videofile NDI (video) to vMix, audio Dante to mixer to vMix
  2. Videofile SDI (video) to vMix, audio Dante to mixer to vMix
    CasparCG will be 2.2.0 stable release

br markus

Maybe offtopic but have you tried:

It can really do some impressing stuff, including de/embedding mixing he’s been working on a mumble plugin to, but I don’t know the status of that.
AFAK there’s also videomixer and audio mixer in it now.