Custom nVidia GPU settings

Hey guys, I would like to check, did you customise nVidia settings via it’s control panel for caspar? Or did you just left default settings? I’m using 1050TI and NRK build of caspar. All templates in HTML. Thanks for the answers in advice.

I do not have an nVidia graphics card. I use a hp probook laptop with Amd graphics. I did not understand what are you talking about. Can you customize our graphics settings according to Casper?. If so please do let me know how to do it.

That’s how I do it.

Thanks! What about others? :slight_smile:

Leave the default values, do not see how changing any settings would help CEF engine to render your HTML templates faster.

It’s more about quality and smoothness than faster rendering. I’m struggling with news crawler, because text is a little-bit jittery and I can’t find the bottleneck for it…

Crawler are always a bit tricky. What technology, HTML, Flash or image scroller?