Custom command issue

i am using client 2.08
and trying out the custom commands
i think i may have found a error or i do not under stand the correct use
of the custom command.


if i under stand this correct

when i call stop amb should play [f2]
when i call play GO1080P25 should play [f1]

how ever when ever i call stop or play they both get played at the server.

[2018-10-04 15:41:29.523] [11476] [info] Received message from play 1-1 GO1080P25\r\n
[2018-10-04 15:41:29.538] [14588] [info] ffmpeg[go1080p25.mp4|1920x1080i50.00|266/439] [video-decoder] H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10
[2018-10-04 15:41:29.546] [11476] [info] Received message from play 1-1 AMB\r\n

if i call any other command they all seam to work correct.

This seems strange to me, it should work as you expect.