Custom Client - Source Release?

Hey everyone, so over the last few months, I’ve been working on a custom playlist client(many other features) for the company I work for. Lately we have discussed the idea of dropping it’s c# source on github for everyone to use. It has run with no issues for about 1 month now and has a lot of automated stuff.

Of cause its not finished at all, however it works.

I’m posting here first, to see if anyone is interested in the source, because this forum has helped me so much with casparcg over the last year.

When it comes to documentation, i will have to write one.
(custom watchdog included)

Kind Regards Bau


Hello Bau,

I am very interested in seeing your client and discovering if it can fit my workflow.

Best Regards

Hi Bau,

BlazeCG looks amazing. One question I have is what external devices/softwares does this client support. (Like CasparCG client supports ATEM, TriCaster, etc.).

Either way, I’m sure this client would be really useful.

Kind Regards, IToncek

The software itself controls our outputs to NDI, Blackmagic products like Decklink and what ever you can throw at it as long as casparcg is compatible with it. However it also has access to control the field input to send live through tricaster in our system.
In theory, it can output to anything and take any input, as long as i write a handler for it.

I doesn’t use libs like StarDust and similar.

Kind Regards

If I were you, I would write a handler for OSC, so that you can send and receive commands to/from Companion. Then you can control everything and do not need to write specific handlers.

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Hey thanks for the tip, ill look into it when i come back around to the software. Right now i’m writing new Caster software for streamers. (League of legends related)


I agree with this approach

If I get around to doing any updates to the official casparcg client (I did prototype some of this already), removing all of those other integrations except for basic protocols (http, osc etc) is one of the first things to do. They all need recompiling or updating and thats going to be a pain to do. Much easier to outsource to Companion which is capable of doing much more.

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Hai , good work bro. any updates. intrested in source :slight_smile: