Cue Tones in Caspar CG

Caspar CG supports cue tones? If yes then please anyone can tell me how to achieve that?

What do you expect from these cue tones? Some beeps on a separate audio track?

cue tones, e.g. server A is in country A and server B is in country B - when server A plays ads / commercials server B will add country B’s local commercial in an automated way - is that possible?

Not out of the box. You would need to build something.

Can you please guide me how to achieve that? any help would be highly appreciated.

That would be an effort far beyond the scope of a forum post, but a system integrator project. But there are plenty of such solutions for ad-insertion out there. Why would you want to develop your own? AFAIK for instance Masterplay can do that. Why not ask them for a quote?

yeah you are right - but due to stability and reliability of Caspar CG I just wanted to use that feature with it, otherwise we do have many solutions out ther