Creating Loopic 'html' template with imageloaders, how to address another image to load?

First, congrat the makers of Loopic. What a great tool!
I made several templates with dynamic data (150 dynamical text items, no problem).
Now I’m trying to address an template imageloader. As I understand I can use the ADD command for CasparCG and add the data.
Q: The imagefile should be in the CasparCG ‘pictures’ folder?
Q: How to address the imagefile with extension?

gr hans


firstly I am happy to hear that you like Loopic :slight_smile:

Answer 1: Image files can be anywhere on the computer. You just need to pass the URL to the image as the key value.

Answer 2: Not sure exactly what you mean, but the URL can look something like this: C:/Users/your-name/Desktop/logo.png
You can get the URL by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Copy as path” (Windows 11).


Hello all,

I am having problems to format the datastring to a template.
I want to send a cluster (with key- and values string) through an XML serializer in my Software.
CasparCG responds with -No Error- ,but the dynamic texts (_VAR1 and _VAL1) do not update, the command:

CG 1-20 ADD 1 “DNW_18xVAL-INLINE_logo_LEFT” 1 “[[[”_VAR1",“DATA”],["_VAL1",“12.3456”]]]"

Is there anyone who can help me?

You should escape the quotation marks " will become \" and usually the whole data is formatted as XML or JSON. Currently the template only gets [[[ as data.

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Thanks Didi,

In the meantime I discover a workaround for me and programmed the data string without the serializer.
It works fine and the url for the imageloaders should be in the form: “file:///C:/Caspar3.3/media/logo.png” in ‘full’ url-format.
Thanks !

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